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Italian Bedroom Design

Tips For The Italian Country Decorating Theme

Choosing the proper decorative items for your Italian country decorating theme will give it a professional interior design. Try to use simple, country items that enhance the informal and elegant allure of the Tuscan countryside. Buy coordinating accessories such as pillows, knick-knacks and artwork that suit your Italian country look to finish the decor.

Putting up your prints and paintings correctly is crucial for the desired effect. When hanging art pieces, have the middle of the artwork at eye level as the focal point. If you are making a grouping of paintings or photos, then work out the design on the floor beforehand to decide how they look most pleasing. Making use of country prints in simple frames will work to add interest to the Italian country decorating theme.

Consider adding ironstone china, dried flowers, or wrought iron candleholders for more of a feeling of the Tuscan countryside. You would be smart to go with pieces which match with your overall decor. Deploy on theme accessories only in order to be sucessful in the look and feel you are trying for.

When looking for knick knacks for your interior decorating scheme be sure to go with ones which balance your design and also show your personal style. To compliment your Italian home decorating, stick with accessories that have an informal and elegant ambiance. Using a string of peppers hanging on the wall or placing simple pottery in decorative corners. You can infuse your own distinct style to the room decor by looking for knick knacks that reflect your unique style. If you are on a fixed budget, you might want to try scouting out the local flea markets and yard sales where you ought to come across very interesting knick knacks for little money.

Another item you can use to add charm to your design theme is decorative pillows. If you had the notion that pillows were strictly for the bedroom, think again, they can instill an appealing touch to any room including the living room, dining room, bathroom and kitchen. Pillows are smart for those who don't have a lot to spend because putting them with your existing living room furniture will help give it an Italian home decorating feel without having to invest in new furniture. In the bedroom, pile them at your headboard. In the kitchen or bathroom, a pillow insterted strategically on a chair or hamper can provide an interesting touch. Pillows which have fringes will help coordinate with your room style.

Italian Kitchen Design

Italian Interior Design Ideas

Italian Style Decorating Tips For A Fresh New Look

An Italian home is an inviting one. Italians are fans of people and the homes that they live in have a welcoming atmosphere. Creating that atmosphere in your own home is easy to do with a little paint, arrangement of furniture, and certain accessories.

Good cooking, company, and wine are at the heart of an Italian; therefore, your decorating efforts should start in the kitchen. Italian decorations for the kitchen are very popular, so you shouldn't have a hard time locating them. There are paintings and other clever things such as representations of spaghetti or meatballs that can be hung on the walls. The olive, a staple of Italian foods, is represented on many serving trays or other functional pieces for the kitchen. If you choose one thing and build on it, soon you'll have things all over your kitchen that scream Italian.

Somewhere within this kitchen or in a dining room there should be a wine rack and at least four wine glasses, but preferably more. Wine is in the hearts of most Italians. They are famous for their vineyards and their love for their wine is obvious. White or red does not matter, but wine is a part of the Italian culture, and makes a wonderful addition to an Italian style decorated home.

The walls of an Italian styled home should be colorful. Rich earthy tones immediately come to mind. The kinds of colors that you may find out on one of those vineyards in Italy or on the shores of the ocean are the types you should use. The walls should also include some type of texture. It may be painted texture created by using the sponging or ragging technique while painting or it may be actual texture created by either using stucco or mixing paint with some sort of textured material such as sand, but there should be texture. A decorative moulding between the tops of the walls and the ceiling would also be a nice touch in at least one room, preferably the dining room. This will enhance the d├ęcor as well as add more texture to the room if it's lacking.

Another staple to the Italian culture would be that of fresh herbs. If you have a sunny windowsill, place some fresh herbs in terra cotta pots. Not only are they functional, but they are also fragrant. Their scent will waft throughout your home creating a smell that in pleasant and reminiscent of Italian cooking. If you purely want these plants for the decoration and have no intention of using fresh herbs in your cooking, many stores will sell fake pots with fake Italian herbs in them or you can buy the supplies from a craft store and make them. Either way, they will give you that Italian look and you won't have to worry about watering them or trimming them down.

The Italian decorated home is one that has a lot in it. There is a lot of color and warmth. There is a nice family feel to this home. With a little effort, an Italian style home will be created for many generations to enjoy.

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